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• 1/7/2019

A book for the TV show

Was wondering if anyone knows if the Tv show for "Chasing life" was based on a book? I would be very interested in reading it and getting even more information about each character and thoughts throughout their different experiences. If anyone knows please reply to this post. Thanks!

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• 8/21/2017

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• 8/17/2015

Pages Without Proper Format being Deleted

Please do not be lazy when creating pages and use the proper templates when making character, episode and relationship pages. Just copy and paste a page and replace the information on it. I do not have time to make and edit every single page. 
Pages not properly formated will be deleted.
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• 9/19/2014

Linking Names

I just want to note, anyone who is making a new page, link ALL the names in the page even if a page for them doesn't exist. This will save us from having to go back and link everyone in the future. Thank you!
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• 8/17/2014

Editing during the Hiatus

Okay, so since there is a long hiatus ahead, I guess I just want to try and get more of the pages updated and a couple more people helping with the editing (the other peolpe who edit with me are amazing btw). 
There are several pages on the wiki that need a lot of work. Mainly the character pages (April, Beth, Sara ect...), all the episodes need summaries, things like that. I've done mainly the Grenna related pages, but they're a lot of work and I can't even imagine how long it'll take to make the April episode summaries (which is another note, they are getting long, Brenna's longest is 5 para and she was only in a small part of the episode, and I feel like we're going to need to adress that very soon). 
So, in short, Characters need episode summaries, episodes need summaries, oh and a couple characters need pages (I think Meg and Jackson deserve some). Just a note since I'm a bit warn out from editing. 
Jas :)
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