A View from the Ledge
Season 2, Episode 1
A View from the Ledge.jpg
First Aired July 6, 2015
Viewers (millions) 0.72
Writer(s) Patrick Sean Smith
Director Steve Miner
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"The Age of Consent"

"A View from the Ledge" is the first episode in Season 2 of Chasing Life. It aired on ABC Family on June 6, 2015.


April and Leo leave the hospital one month after their proposal, and they begin plans on an engagement party. After quitting The Boston Post, April tries to get another journalism job. Natalie continues to question whether Dominic still has feelings for April.


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  • Thomas, Wv by Albert - April & Danny have lunch together, Danny thanks her giving up her job to save his then she asks a favour of from him, that he would put her name out other journalist to lay ground for future return. 
  • The Highest Love by The Holy Coast - Taking Natalie encouragement to dance, April dances wildly and joyously in the middle of a park as Natalie records her, people gather around and watch her. 
  • Gonna Be Alright by Ryan Lerman - Sara was lunch with the Hendrie's, they discuss April & Leo sudden engagement and their motives. 
  • Around Us by Peter Bradley Adams - The engagement party; Dominic watches April when, Natalie tries to convince Dominic go "explore" with her, he turns her down; Leo introduces April around; Sara confronts April about motives. 
  • To Be Loved by Lucy Schwartz - Brenna's engagement present (video) to April & Leo; Montage as April & Leo's friends and family give them advice on having a long married and good life together. 
  • Zoom Zoom (feat. Dupes & Shepp Dawg) by The Mecca - On the party bus for April & Leo party, April celebrates her new job and thanks Danny for the introduction to her new boss; Denver tells April how he and Beth meet. 



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