April Just Wants to Have Fun
Season 1, Episode 15
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First Aired February 9, 2015
Viewers (millions) 0.92
Writer(s) Jeanne Leitenberg
Director Joanna Kerns
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"Cancer Friends With Benefits"
"The Big Leagues"

"April Just Wants to Have Fun" is the fifteenth episode in Season 1 of Chasing Life. It aired on ABC Family February 9, 2015.


April starts to regret becoming such a homebody, especially when she learns Beth has been partying without her. When Beth hosts a house party, April lets loose - a little too loose - which leads to a major blowout with her friend. The new school year finds Brenna feeling alone and bullied, but an old friend proposes a truce to take down a common enemy. 

Meanwhile, Leo gets some valuable advice from Sara and ends up getting a job, but he finds the new experience more challenging than he expected. Dominic has an awkward encounter with Natalie. 


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  • Weekend Warrior by Eytan and The Embassy - Montage of April wakes up and getting ready for the party. 
  • Shake It Up by Fire In The Hamptons - April hangs out with Beth at the Charles when Natalie arrive after talking about Beth & Natalie night out April suggest they throw a party then Natalie invites them out the club first. 
  • Good Life by Sunday Lane - April meets her mom at a restaurant then Leo arrives as Sara asks April if there anything she should know about him. 
  • Lovedrug by Johnny Stimson - Natalie gets dressed when Beth returns home, they talk when their neighbor, Doug, knocks complains to them then Natalie invites Beth to go out dancing with her at Pure. 
  • Mind Games by Leagues - Beth arrives at the Charles as Dominic & Natalie make out and decides they stop then break them apart then explain their 'six degrees of separation' to them and warn then leaves with Graham. 
  • Come On Out Into The Sun by Right The Stars - At lunch, Leo tells Sara about himself then things get uncomfortable when Sara begins to psychoanalyze Leo. 
  • Feeling Good by The TVC - April goes to a party; Graham gives Beth & Natalie a housewarming present; Beth & Natalie take a self; April leave to get a drink; Doug complains about the party; Dominic arrives; Leo calls April. 
  • Rebirth Of Slick (Cool Like Dat) [feat. Rob Kerkovich] by Chasing Life Cast - Graham sings karaoke; Natalie, Dominic & Beth take a picture together as April watches from afar; April makes a snappy comment to Beth; Doug complains and a drunken April tells him off. 
  • I Think We’re Alone Now (feat. Italia Ricci) by Chasing Life Cast - April drunkenly sings karaoke as Danny records her and Graham, Beth, Natalie & Dominic watch. 

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