Brenna Carver
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General Information
Full name Brenna Carver
Nickname(s) Bren
Status Alive
Gender Female
Birthdate Fall 1997
Age 16 (Season 1)

17 (Season 2)

Resides in Boston, MA
Occupation Student

Receptionist at Alchemy (Previous)

Education Charton Academy (Previous)
Alcott High School (current)
Eye Color Hazel
Hair Color Dark Brown
Family and Friends
Parents Sara Carver (mother)
Thomas Carver † (father)
Children Unborn Child † (with Jake; abortion)
Relatives April Carver (sister)
Natalie Ortiz (paternal half-sister)
Leo Hendrie † (brother in-law)

George Carver (uncle)

Romances Jake Cohen (One Night Stand)

Kieran (ex-boyfriend)
Greer Danville (ex-girlfriend/former crush)
Margo (ex-girlfriend)
Ford (kissed)
Finn Madill (ex-boyfriend)

Friends Greer Danville
Beth Kingston

Finn Madill

Enemies Sean
Jake Cohen
Production Information
First Appearance Pilot
Last Appearance La Dolce Vita
Portrayed by Haley Ramm

Brenna Carver is one of the main characters in Chasing Life. She's the younger sister to April and youngest daughter to Sara. She has shown to be emotional yet she is a stable person and in control of her life. She finds out that April has cancer in the fourth episode while in the midst of having an intense argument with her and she later comes to April's biopsy showing her sister that she'll be there to support her and she's not alone in this confusing stage of her life brought on by her finding out she has and is battling with leukemia.


Brenna is April's younger teenage sister. Following her father's death, Brenna spiraled out of control, blowing off her classes and her community outreach. However, after getting completely wasted one time, she ends up calling her sister and hasn't been to a party since.

Brenna is seen as strong, supportive, headstrong and not afraid to say what she believes is right. She is by her sisters side during everything she goes through, starting with her biopsy. She butts heads with her mom, as she's initially upset she got a job at a tattoo parlour. Brenna is seen as a strong-willed, yet emotional teenager, sometimes needing to let herself just break down after being the rock for so many people.

Brenna is seen throughout the whole series as being unwllling to label her sexuality. In Locks of Love, Brenna comes out to her grandparents, tired of their comments about boys, as bisexual, noting that she was dating someone and that someone was a girl.


In Pilot, Brenna is first seen at the dinner table. Her mother tells her to set the table and she says that she's doing work for her community out reach. Her mother appears proud of her and she and April grin about her mother wanting to do online dating. Later, Brenna is seen at her community out reach but she is not doing anything and she skips out on it, going to a party. At the party, Brenna is seen drinking and she ends up in a room with a guy she used to hang out with, Sean and she appears uncomfortable and calls April to pick her up. April picks her up and Brenna asks April not to tell their mom that she went to the party to which she agrees.

In Help Wanted Brenna comes down the breakfast hungover though her mother doesn't suspect anything. Brenna asks April to drive her back to the place of the party because she left her phone there but April refuses. Later, when she tells her mom that her phone is in her room, her mom's phone goes off, with "Brenna" calling her. Her mother tells her to go get her phone and be right back and that she's grounded. Brenna goes to the place where she left her phone and meets Kieran who gives her her phone back and tells her that there's an art gallery later and she should come by. When she comes back, her mother tells her that she's not grounded, but she wants her to get a job and later on Brenna tells her that she got a job at a tattoo parlour, where Kieran works. Her mother is not pleased with this but later tells her that she does not have to quit as she originally told her. She is last scene talking with her Grandmother in the kitchen while her mom is out. 

During Blood Cancer Sex Carrots Brenna and Ford are first seen as they come home due to an optional assembly at school. As they walk into the living room they discover her mom and Ben on the couch. At supper, her mother tells her that she's inviting Ben over for dinner tomorrow and that she wants everyone to be there. At work, Brenna is talking with Kieran where she ends up telling him that her dad died a couple years ago in a car accident and then asks Kieran to come with her to the dinner that her mother is making her go to. At the dinner, Brenna makes everyone really uncomfortable by asking loads of questions and Kieran gets mad at her because she just brought him to get back at her mom and the leaves. At work, Brenna apologizes and gives Kieran her fathers book to read and they kiss. 

In I'll Sleep When I'm Dead Brenna is waking April up since she slept through her alarm. Brenna is next seen with Kieran at the coffee shop discussing her dad's book when one of Brenna's classmates, Greer, notices them and says she they need to work on their history project they agree to meet at the coffee shop tomorrow. At the coffee shop the next day, Brenna and Greer are "working" on their history project with Brenna mainly on her phone. Greer notices this and is slightly annoyed by it. Brenna notices that Greer plays tennis and says that they should have a battle on the court and whoever looses has to do the entire project by themselves and the others history homework for the whole year, to which Greer agrees to. On the court, Greer is surprised to be beat by Brenna and the two talk and now seem to be more friendly with each other. During this, Brenna forgets to be with her mother during her tango class, which she agreed to do but forgot due to hanging out with Greer and her and April get in a fight over this. In a moment of anger April reveals to Brenna that she has cancer and that she has a biopsy the next day leaving Brenna is shock. The next day, Brenna turns up to the biopsy to support her sister. 

In The Family That Lies Together Brenna appears worried when April is passed out at breakfast and after checking her bandage reveals that to her it looked like April was dead to which April gives her a hug. At school her and Ford are walking around with Ford talking and Brenna not really listening. Greer walks up to them and attempts to talk to Brenna but Brenna tries not acknowledge her. At work, Brenna tells Kieran about April to which he replies that it must be something in the environment that is causing the April's cancer in which Brenna just says she all she knows is that she's sick. Beth comes and invites her to Pretty in Pink, even inviting Kieran along as well. At the screening, Brenna, Beth and Kieran are seated and Beth invites Greer over in which Greer initially refuses but Brenna insists.

After the movie, Brenna and Greer talk a bit before Beth and Brenna go to the coffee shop. There, Beth points out that Greer seems to be into Brenna to which she responds that they're just friends and they'd never date, not because of Kieran (they're not exclusive) and not because she's straight (she doesn't define herself) but because they're in totally different friend groups. Beth then asks how Brenna's doing and she notes that she feels like such a bad sister because when she noticed April "losing it" she was happy because for once, April wasn't all perfect. Beth then agrees that April is pretty perfect and they start laughing about it. When April comes home to tell the family, Brenna notes to her mother, after their mother asks if she kept the news all to herself, that other than Beth, April had told her. While everyone is arguing, Brenna is seen texting someone and after April leaves Brenna leaves too. Brenna is then seen sitting on a bench and the person she was texting was Greer. She then tells Greer about her sister in which Greer just comforts her. 

In Clear Minds, Full Lives, Can't Eat Greer approaches Brenna at school asking how April is, saying that if she wants to get her mind off everything her and Ford are invited to a party at her house. At the coffee shop, Kieran appears jealous at the guy who appeared to be flirting with Brenna and they joke about Brenna getting his name tattooed on her back (to which she refuses to do). Brenna is seen at her mother's meditation circle with Beth and April but April gets up and leaves. Later, Brenna and Kieran are seen making out on Brenna's bed. When Brenna stops, Kieran asks if it's because they haven't defined their relationship yet to which he asks if she wants to but Brenna says she doesn't think she's ready for that yet because of everything with her sister. At the party, Brenna and Ford walk around Greer's house but Brenna feels uncomfortable doing it and walks back to the party, giving Ford her phone so she can use it to which Ford texts Kieran to come to the party. Brenna sees Greer at the party and the two talk about April until Kieran shows up, causing Greer to appear jealous. Later on, Brenna and Kieran end up making out in Greer's room and Greer kicks them both out of the party. 

During Unplanned Parenthood Brenna is seen trying to apologize to Greer, Greer says that she's in the middle of Eco Club so Brenna signs up for Eco Club as well. Greer says that it's fine because it was a party, and people hook up at parties. Brenna looks like she wants to say more but doesn't and walks away. In April's room, her and April are talking about her and mom's fight when April gets a text that her story is being scraped and she makes her way down to the office. At the party, Brenna reveals that she knew about it. During a game of "Never Have I Ever" Danny says, "Never have I ever, been attracted to someone of the same sex", to which Brenna drinks from her cup. April seems shocked, but not about the fact that she's attracted to someone of the same sex, but because of Kieran. Brenna says that it's possible to be attracted to two people at the same time while Beth just says that she knew it. After this, Brenna asks "Never have I ever been attracted to someone in this room" as her question.

While placing a bunch of photos of herself at April's desk, Brenna discovers the photo of Natalie, their dad and George in the drawer. She confronts April about it, wondering who it is and April ends up telling her about Natalie. When April says that it's harder to be honest than she first thought, especially when someone you love can get hurt, Brenna then proceeds to go to Greer's house. There she once again apologizes to Greer for everything, saying she can't live with her hating her. Greer says that she doesn't hate her but she felt like they had a thing. Brenna says she thought they did to and Greer thinks she means past tense but Brenna says she means present tense and kisses her.

In Death Becomes Her Brenna is first seen in the bathroom with April and April asks her if she's going anywhere. Brenna tells her that she's in Eco Club and that they're going on a trip and leave early the next day. April is curious as to why she's in Eco Club and then asks if the cute girl Beth mentioned was it and if she "loves her". Brenna tells her that Greer is in Eco Club but she doesn't love her. Next Brenna goes downstairs and she tells her mother that she'll finish packing when she gets home from getting her check swabbed and she goes off to school. Brenna and Greer are then seen on Brenna's bed making out when Greer stops and tells her that she needs to pack. Brenna says she finds it interesting how she found out that Natalie lived in Florida right as she joined Eco Club and maybe this is why the universe wanted her to join in which Greer jokes that it's because the president, her, is super hot. Brenna says they should take a cab there in which Greer is hesitant about but says she'll go with her in which Brenna and Greer then kiss. The next morning, Brenna is seen saying goodbye to her mom before getting on the bus.

Brenna and Greer are then seen in the lobby of the hotel. When the teacher leaves Greer says that Annie is going to sign them in later and they go to Natalie's house. There, Greer starts to go but Brenna has stopped. Greer offers her hand and they walk there hand in hand. Brenna knocks on the door and after a second when there's no answer, she goes to leave. Greer keeps knocking and Natalie answers the door. Natalie says that she knew about them and she wants nothing to do with them before closing the door. Later, while calling for a cab, Greer says they shouldn't give up easily and as Natalie walks out of her house, they finally talk. Brenna tells her that April has cancer and that she came here to meet her other sister and if she was curious too.

Natalie meets and they go get drinks. Natalie buys them all drinks and she notes how her and her mom where close because her dad wasn't in the picture. When Greer strokes Brenna's arm in comfort Natalie asks if they're lesbians to which Greer responds yes but Brenna doesn't respond, staying silent and not knowing what to say; Natalie doesn't respond and they dance. After Brenna see's Greer being sick she asks Natalie if she put something in her drink to which Natalie denies. Natalie says that they'd never get along because they're from to totally different worlds. Brenna tells her that she came to ask if she'd test for bone marrow but noted that she'd be too selfish in which Natalie says she's right about. Natalie then reveals Sara knew about her before Brenna and Greer left. Finally, in the lobby of the hotel the next day Brenna is seen next to Greer saying she feels really bad and thanking her for going with her because without her, she would've given up. Even if she did suck. 

In What To Do When You're Expecting Chemo Brenna is seen at breakfast and Sara invites Greer over for dinner, noting that she's getting Brenna to try new things, in which Brenna just spits out her coffee, and when April walks down they all tell egg related puns to her. Afterwards, Brenna and Kieran are at the coffee shop and Kieran tells her that April having cancer is impeding on their social life, a statement he later retracts. Brenna then admits to having feelings for Greer, noting when Kieran asks, she doesn't do labels. She asks if she can date them both and Kieran hesitantly says yes. Sara is talking to Brenna and Greer and Greer offers to pay for the pizza but Sara refuses. Brenna goes to answer the door, thinking it's the food but it's Ford. Brenna invites Ford to the dinner as well. Brenna is next seen at the dinner, noting that she'd love to travel with Greer over the summer but sensing the tension between everyone. Later, her and Greer are making out on Brenna's bed when Sara walks in on them, Sara asks Greer to sleep on the couch and Greer rushes out quickly. Sara talks with Brenna, asking if she's always been into girls ("I don't know, I've never been before.") and if she split up with Kieran ("No".) and her mother realizes she's dating them both. Her mother notes that hearts at her age, any age, is fragile and to be careful.

At the party Kieran surprises Brenna by stopping by and brings by a present for April. Brenna notes she didn't ask him to come because Greer would be there but he comes in and stays. Greer grabs the water gun out of Brenna's hand and sprays her with it. During this, Kieran appears jealous, looking on at Brenna and Greer with jealously as does Ford. Brenna walks in on Kieran and Ford making out, she is angry at them but Kieran notes that they're not exclusive though Brenna calls Ford out on "making out with your best friends boyfriend" when they then note that she doesn't do labels and Ford tells her she has Greer. Ford then says she doesn't know if the word "best friend" applies anymore. Greer walks in at this point and Kieran says he doesn't think he can do this anymore and Brenna tell them that Greer never made her choose but Greer admits that though she really likes her but she can't keep doing this if its not for real. Brenna chooses Greer and after Kieran leaves Greer grabs Brenna's hand, comforting her. 

In Finding Chemo Brenna is first seen in front of the hospital before April is admitted, she then walks in with April as she is admitted. Brenna then takes April for a walk around the hospital and meets a nurse who is not very receptive of Brenna's sarcasm. Brenna is next seen at school and approaches Ford, asking to talk to her but Ford snaps at her, telling her that Brenna left her for Greer who is just a shallow rich girl. Brenna however defends Greer and says that she isn't shallow and tells her that she's always bagging on rich people and talking about how close minded they are. Brenna says that Ford is the close minded one and says that she doesn't hate everything and there's more to life than just making fun of people and says that when she realizes that, maybe they can be friends again.

Brenna is headed to class when a teacher comes and gets her. Her and Greer are then seen in the principal's office and it turns out that someone has told the school about what happened in Miami and their stories don't line up. The principal says she needs to tell their parents and Brenna asks her not to call her mom because there's a lot going on at her house and the principal tells her to stop lying in which Greer says that she's not. Brenna tells her about April but the Principal says she still needs to tell her mom. She, however, gives Brenna a day to tell her mom herself. Brenna then goes to the hospital for her sleepover with April.

She tries to tell her mom about the incident at school but her mom and George tell her the news that she's not a match for April. Brenna is then in April's room and tells her about getting in trouble at schools at says she went to go meet Natalie in Florida and that's why she's in trouble, also informing her that their mom knew about Natalie. April asks if she wants her to talk to mom first but Brenna refuses. Brenna doesn't sleep well that night and leaves April a note saying she went to talk to their mom. Brenna is seen talking to Sara who is upset at Brenna for wandering around a city she's never been in and says that there's stories all the time about girls who disappear. She tells Brenna off for partying with her girlfriend when Brenna tells her that she went to go meet Natalie in case they needed a match for April's bone marrow transplant, sadly adding, "which we do now, thanks to me". Her mom then just says she wishes she'd gone to her first.

Brenna and her mom are then seen at school where they run into Greer and her parents. Greer's parents says that the issue is sorted and the incident is off their records. Her mom asks if there's anything they can do in which Greer's parents say that the girls need to stop seeing each other. Brenna asks if it's because she's a girl but her parents say it's because they think Brenna is a bad influence on Greer. Brenna's mom sticks up for her and says that even though she's made mistakes, it's going to make her one hell of a woman one day. Greer's parents ask that Brenna stay away from Greer as she makes those mistakes. Greer walks away with her parents, mouthing sorry to Brenna as she passes her. Afterwards,  Brenna tries to apologizes to her mom saying that she has one perfect daughter but her mom cuts her off telling her she has two perfect daughters. Brenna is then seen at school where her and Ford give each other brief looks at each other before Brenna keeps walking.  

In Locks of Love Brenna is seen talking with her grandmother and mother over breakfast before her other grandparents come. Her grandmother remarks how they should've been here a while ago when Brenna had a boyfriend and a girlfriend but Brenna notes that she hopes it'll just be a girlfriend soon. Her mother asks how everything with Greer is going and Brenna said that Greer has been sent to Oxford for the summer. When her grandparents arrive, her grandfather has gotten her a poster of an Channing Tatum in which Brenna does a false smile. When her grandparents make remarks about boys to Brenna she just smiles awkwardly. Later, Brenna goes to visit April and says that their other grandmother is trying to get her to "attract boys" and April realizes that Brenna isn't out to them yet. April says that they could test the waters by having April say that she's gay since she is going to soon have short hair. Brenna jokes that as the "sometimes lesbian" she's offended but realizes that April is telling her that her hair is falling out.  

When Brenna gets home she pulls out all the Christmas decorations because April needs some cheering up. When Brenna and her grandmothers are out shopping, her other grandmother tries to hook Brenna up with the cashier but Emma stops her and then unknowingly picks up a gay pride flag. Later on, at home, Brenna finds a photo album and looks at some photos of her and April when they were little at Christmas time, a time when they had no concern in the world. Brenna finally allows herself to cry, having kept her emotions at bay for April's sake. When they're skyping April at a later date, her other grandmother keeps joking about Brenna and boys and Brenna, just about done with their comments, says that she was dating someone, but that someone was a girl because she's bi. Her entire family keeps using the word gay instead of bi, in which Brenna is annoyed at. Their grandfather then notes they knew about Natalie. Brenna, tired of them being childish, storms off.  

George then holds a family meeting, Grandma Emma notes she's proud that Brenna told everyone she's gay, to which Brenna says she's bi and Emma just says, "or whatever the hell you are" noting her label didn't matter to her. George says that everyone but Brenna has been selfish in terms of April and they all make up. Brenna is last seen spreading the Christmas cheer at the hospital with April.  

Brenna is first seen in New April in the coffee shop with Kieran and joking around about a girl. Both Kieran and Brenna both seem to be happy that things are no longer awkward between them and that they've both moved on. Kieran asks Brenna about and she says that she's coming back "tomorrow, thank God" and that Greer's parents can "kiss [her] ass". Brenna is next seen at the dinner table. When April brings up the possibility of asking Natalie to test for her, Brenna at initially against due to her dispute with her and Greer. 

Brenna and Greer meet up at the coffee shop with Brenna excited to see Greer, jokingly asking if Greer had kissed any British girls, in which Greer says no. Brenna asks Greer if she wants to be her date to the event in her uncle's honour but Greer says that her parents still don't approve of Brenna, and it's worse than before. She says that, unlike Brenna, she is not strong-willed or willing to go against her parents because her parents fund everything - including college and Greer is not willing to risk that. Greer then leaves, looking behind her as she goes. Brenna is seen at the fundraiser and April tells her about how it's "too about about Greer" and then Brenna sneaks a glass of wine.

Brenna is next seen talking with her grandmother about her situation with Greer. Her grandmother tells her about how she met their grandfather and how she had to work for what she wanted, telling Brenna to not give up. Brenna then precedes to break into Greer's house by climbing the trellis. Greer and Brenna are sitting on the couch while Brenna's mom tries to convince her parents not to press charges, to which they don't. Both parents note that they don't want the girls associating with the other or their family. Brenna then leaves and looks back at a tearful Greer. Brenna is mentioned by her mother as being angry at her that she refuses to let her associate herself with Greer or her family again.

In April Just Wants to Have Fun, Brenna is seen talking with her mom right before school starts. Her mom asks her how she's feeling about school and Brenna just notes how awkward it's going to be. Brenna says that she's in none of Greer's classes anymore since Greer's in all AP classes and her mom makes a comment about how she take things a little more seriously since she's a junior now. They talk about Uncle George and when her mom relates her relationship to him as if they were married, Brenna looks confused at her mom and says brother, before her mom changes the subject.

The morning of school, Brenna says goodbye to her mom before finding the meme all tumblr and the school, April passes it off saying that it will go away though at school it's evident she's being teased due to it. In health class, Brenna see's Ford and accuses her of it, Ford denies it and says that she actually has a life. Another girl, Shelby, a friend of Greer's, is seen teasing her even more and Brenna realises that she's the one who started it. Greer notes that she has no idea of any of this before class starts.

After class, Greer talks to Brenna, saying she had no idea about anything. Brenna, however, is mad that Greer didn't stand up for her, but says she isn't surprised when she can't stand up for herself. Greer says she has a lot going on, but Brenna tells her that Ford was right, that she was selfish and shallow, before walking off from a hurt Greer, with Ford looking on from afar. Brenna's mom confronts her about skipping school the next day. It is there Brenna pleads to be homeschooled, saying that she has no friends and that she's being teased. Her mom tells her to power through it and make new friends, comforting her and saying she'll let her off the hook if she eats the cake with her that Brenna was eating.

Ford appears at Brenna's house, saying that though they're fighting she wants to take on Shelby, since they both hate her. Later on, the two of them are joking around and Ford says that she misses them being friends. It is then that Brenna comes up with an idea. The next day at school, it is clear one of them placed in the question box, a paper containing statements to humiliate Shelby, and it works. After class, Greer tells her she told Shelby to take everything down. Greer asks Brenna if she wants to go out for food in which Brenna says she can't afford to miss anymore classes. Greer and Brenna say goodbye as Greer leaves.

In The Big Leagues, Brenna is first seen being shooed out the door by April so that her and Leo can have some alone time. At school, Brenna and Ford judging people, saying whether they'd rather look like them or stay themselves. Ford comments on a girl with the ends of her hair dyed purple, thinking it made her look badass. They are both surprised when Greer turns around. Greer explains that her parents shouldn't have so much say in her life if they're going to go away all the time. In class, Brenna is seen while Greer comes in late, back talking the teacher and receiving detention. At work, Greer comes in. Brenna is confused as to why since she has detention. Greer invites Kieran, Ford and Brenna to her families house and she agrees. Later, when Greer is yelling at Kieran for not giving her a tattoo, her and Kieran talk, expressing their concern for her. Greer sees them talking and is upset that they're talking behind her back.

After Ford leaves because of her continuous distaste for Ford and Kieran gives them some privacy, Brenna and Greer are alone. Brenna apologizes for talking about her behind her back, but expresses her concern because she has not been acting herself. Greer comments on how she's finally acting like her true self. Greer then admits that she had not been fully honest in their relationship, she tells her that when she was 7, her parents put her on medications such as anti-depressants and anti-anxiety. She had always wanted to know what would happen if she were to go off of them but never had the chance while her parents were around because they always threatened big stuff, like college. When her parents went away, Greer took the opportunity and went off her meds. Brenna says that she wasn't lying, she just wasn't telling the truth. Greer then admits that she knew all along Natalie didn't drug her because she isn't supposed to drink on her meds. Kieran then interrupts them and invites them to stay the night because Greer doesn't want to be alone.

Later that night, Greer asks Brenna what her secret is. When she was new to Charton, right after her dad died, she had a one night stand with a senior. She then realized that her period was late and discovered she was pregnant. The guy paid her to take care of the child granted she tell no one. Brenna only told one other person - her lab partner. Her lab partner helped her go to Connecticut to get an abortion because parent's permission was not required there and they've been close ever since. Greer then realizes that this person is Ford. Brenna admits she never told anyone else because they were still hung up about her dad. Greer and Brenna then joke around, getting Kieran to reveal his more light hearted secret.

In Model Behavior, Brenna is first seen with Greer in The Charles. Brenna comments about Greer's hair and then asks about her meds. Greer says that she's still off them, but feels better and more in control. Brenna asks if she's going to go back on them and Greer say's maybe, maybe not, noting her parents would never notice. Greer then gives Brenna purse that Brenna had her eyes on when they were in Florida. When Brenna comes in for dinner that night late, she says that she was late because of work before being whisked away by her grandmother. Later, Beth and April confront her about being a model for the fashion show, she agrees and says that Greer will join her. April see's a new purse lying on her bed and Brenna lies and says she got it from goodwill.

Before the fashion show, Brenna and Greer mock the clothes before meeting the person who designed them. The designer asks Greer to be the centre piece and Greer agrees. Brenna talks to April about her prep for her interview and April begins to realize where she actually got the purse. As they walk away, Greer puts her arm around Brenna's waist, but she pulls away, leaving Greer angry and causing her to storm away. April asks why Brenna lied about the purse and Brenna said she didn't want to make it a big deal, her and Brenna are just friends. April then asks why Greer was "all over" Brenna and demands the truth but before she can answer, Beth says they are unable to find Greer. Brenna finds Greer tugging at the neckline of the dress, complaining that it's too high. Brenna tries to calm Greer down, but she ends up ripping the dress. Brenna finally tells April the truth about Greer, that she's off her meds and trying to figure a few things out. April asks about whether her parents know and her doctor knows if she's off her meds and that Brenna is just a kid and she shouldn't have to deal with this on her own. Brenna however, says that she's not just going to give up on someone because they're being stubborn.

Later, Brenna finds Greer on the stairs and says that she's worried about her. Greer says that she's confused and admits she was tired of her parents control and power over her and her life, so she stopped her medication, hoping to change that, but instead she feels out of control. Greer also admits it's hard to be around Brenna and not with her. Brenna hesitates and Greer takes that as Brenna not wanting to get back together. Brenna reassures her however that that is not the reason for her not wanting to get back together right now and she thinks she should be there for her as just a friend, not a girlfriend. Later, Brenna tells April that she's going to be there for Greer as just a friend. They both joke about falling for headcases, she worries about being unemployed following the upcoming interview but Brenna tells her to stop thinking that way.

In Rest in Peace, Brenna is first seen in the waiting room with April, telling her that she's probably fine. Later, Brenna comes home and talks with Natalie. She asks her how her day went and Brenna tells her that her mom is hosting a college prep session at her house. Natalie suggests they go out, but Brenna says that she can't and she says she's thankful that her mom isn't as strict as Greer's. At the mention of Greer, Natalie asks how they're doing and Brenna says that they're just friends. Natalie then shows her a top that she should try on for a perfect night out. Brenna's mom see's the shirt and is seen as unimpressed by it and Brenna then takes it off. At the college session, Brenna does not raise her hand for anything the person asks, a GPA of at least 3.8, 4 AP classes and volunteering, Brenna is surprised when Ford raises her hand for all three, and her mother is surprised when Brenna doesn't.

Later, Brenna and Natalie come down, intending to go out for the evening. When her mother asks her where they're going, she says that they're going to The Charles and Sara says that her and her grandmother were just on their way there. At The Charles, Brenna and Natalie joke around and this does not amuse Sara. Sara yells at Natalie, and they're both silent. The next day, Brenna comes downstairs and acts cold towards her mother. Her mom tries being nice, but Brenna has none of it. Later, Sara comes to apologize to Brenna and Brenna accepts her apology before announcing that she wants to take a gap year after graduating. Sara attempts to look happy for her but it is clear that she's disappointed.

In Life, Actually, Brenna is first seen with Kieran and Greer at The Charles. Brenna is venting her frustration of her mother's disapproval of her taking a gap year and this proceeds into a conversation about their parents. Kieran notes that his parents were fine with him taking a gap year and both Brenna and Greer say how lucky he is. Kieran says that Greer looks good, laughing about the whole situation at the tattoo parlour now, and Greer says that she's back on her medication and that she only went off of them to spite her parents, who never even noticed. Greer says that in the "sucky parent's department" she's always going to win, in which Kieran and Brenna look at her awkwardly and sadly. Next, Greer comes over to Brenna's house in the middle of the night after a fight with her parents. Greer says that she tried telling them that she didn't like how much time they were spending away and they didn't let her finish, telling her she didn't know respect. Greer asks to stay for the night and Brenna agrees.

In Brenna's room, Greer is saying how she feel's like she does everything her mom wants, yet it's still not enough. Brenna asks how can can't be enough, saying that Greer is the best daughter she could hope for, in which Greer says her mom doesn't think so. Brenna says that she's wrong and then kisses Greer, shocking her. The next day, Brenna tries to stall her mom from coming into the kitchen, wanting to explain everything before she see's Greer, but she walks past her and see's Greer in sitting at the counter. Brenna explains the situation and her mom doesn't kick her out, but insists that she call her parents since they don't know where she is.

Later, Greer goes into Brenna's room and asks if they can talk about the kiss. Brenna says that she wasn't planning it while Greer says that she wasn't expecting it, but didn't hate it either. She then asks her about what she told her and Kieran at the tattoo parlour. She asks her if that's the reason she wanted to date a girl, to find comfort in them. Brenna tells her that it's the reason she never had sex with Kieran, because every now and then, she'd think about the baby. How old they would be, if they'd be taking their first steps. However, it is not the reason she fell for Greer and that was just about her. Brenna tells her that between April and her dad, she was in a dark place, and then Greer came along and it felt as if the sun was coming out after a month of rain. Brenna then chuckles at the cheesy analogy she made. Greer says that it doesn't and kisses Brenna and they proceed to have sex.

The next day, Brenna and Greer are seen being very couple-y and are holding hands and laughing together. Brenna listens to Greer confront her parents about their lack of respect for her and how she's angry that they leave town and then come back, pretending to know her. She tells her parents that she'll be staying with Brenna until they can treat her with some respect. After, she tells her how she's her hero as she hugs her. At the fundraiser, they smile at each other during Leo's speech. Afterwards, they escape to the photo booth where they take funny photos and proceed to kiss.


Greer Danville Edit

Greer and Brenna were partners for a school project and battled out who would do the project over a game of tennis. Which Brenna won. Though before this they butted heads, it is after this they slowly become friends. When Beth, Greer, Brenna and Kieran see a movie, Beth points out afterwards to Brenna that Greer seems to be interested in her. Brenna says that she doesn't herself with labels but does not believe that they'd work out do to them being so different. Greer comforted Brenna after April told their mother about her cancer. However, when she walks in on Brenna and Kieren making out on her bed she is visably mad at the both of them. At the end of Unplanned Parenthood Brenna goes to her house and apologizes and they end up revealing their feelings for one another and they kiss. During Death Becomes Her Brenna and Greer are seen making out on Brenna's bed and Greer goes with Brenna to meet Natalie.

In What to Expect When You're Expecting Chemo, Ford asks why Greer seems to be invited to everything in which Greer responds that they are dating now so that's how it works. They break up in Finding Chemo due to Greer's parents disapproval of her. It is obvious they still have feelings for each other, but Brenna thinks that she should just be there for Greer as a friend for now as she deals with everything with her parents. In Life, Actually, Greer and Brenna get back together after Greer comes over to Brenna's house after a fight with her parents. The night she comes over, Brenna kisses Greer and the next night she asks her about it, Brenna once again kisses Greer and the proceed to have sex.

(See Grenna)


Brenna and Kieran meet when Brenna goes to pick up her phone which was left at the party. When they start talking, she eventually ends up working where he does, a tattoo parlor and they devolp a relationship. Brenna ends the relationship in What to Expect When You're Expecting Chemo, when Kieran forces Brenna to choose between him and Greer. Since then, Kieran and Brenna seem to be on good terms and hold nothing against the other.

Ford Edit

Aside from their differences, Brenna and Ford are (or were) best friends. However, when Greer comes into the picture Ford becomes jealous, afraid that Greer is replacing her as her best friend. When she is caught making out with Kieran in her room at the party for April they fall out and continue to argue. After working together to take down Shelby however, they seem to be good terms again but still seem to be on different pages when it comes to Greer. It is revealed that they became friends after they were assigned to be lab partners back in their freshman year and Brenna confided in her that she was pregnant. Ford went with her to get an abortion in Connecticut since you did not need a parents permission there and have been friends ever since.

April CarverEdit

Brenna is seen to have a close relationship with her sister, seen by April coming to pick her up when she gets wasted and her agreeing not to tell their mom. April accidentally tells Brenna about her cancer after they get in a fight. The next day, Brenna turns up at her biopsy and is seen being supportive of her and shows that she is there for her. Throughout the season, Brenna is seen supporting her sister and vice versa. April is seen as accepting towards Brenna's sexuality. In Life of Brenna, April does appear slightly jealous towards Brenna and Natalie's relationship and is hurt that she told Natalie about the abortion before she told her. 

Natalie Edit

In the beginning, Brenna and Natalie are seen as having a strained relationship and they are both hostile towards each other in Florida. When Natalie comes to Boston, they start to form a better relationship and realizes that Natalie isn't that bad. Brenna and Natalie are seen hanging out on several occasions and have become friends. Prior to "Life of Brenna", Natalie was the only family member who knew about Brenna's abortion.

Beth Edit

Brenna and Beth are really close friends. In A Bottle of Secrets Brenna told Beth that she thinks of her as a sister.

Romantic Relationships Edit

  • Jake Cohen: One night stand
    • Started: Prior to Pilot
    • Ended: Prior to Pilot
      • Reason: It was only a one night stand, Brenna also became pregnant, but later aborted the child.
  • Greer: Broken Up; Still in Love With
    • First Relationship:
    • Second Relationship:
      • Started: Life, Actually
      • Ended: No News is Bad News
        • Reason: Brenna wanted Greer to be happy and told her that her mom said no to letting her stay and Greer moved with her dad.
  • Margo: Broken Up
    • Started: Life of Brenna
    • Ended: Truly Madly Deeply
      • Reason: A combination of her and Margo's age difference and Margo's relationship with her ex-girlfriend made Brenna break up with her.

Reason: Kieran made Brenna choose between him and Greer and Brenna chose Greer.

Appearance Edit

Brenna is thin, brunette and has hazel eyes. She is a little taller than 5 feet.


  • Brenna confirmed in Locks of Love that she is bisexual.
  • Brenna admitted that she had an abortion around the time she was a freshman at Charton after having a one night stand with a senior, currently the only person she's ever slept with.
  • She is also Finn's stem cell donor.
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