Cancer Friends With Benefits
Season 1, Episode 14
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First Aired February 2, 2015
Viewers (millions) 0.78
Writer(s) Linda Burstyn
Director Steve Miner
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"Guess Who's Coming to Donate"
"April Just Wants to Have Fun"

"Cancer Friends With Benefits" is the fourteenth episode in Season 1 of Chasing Life. It aired on ABC Family February 2, 2015.


While April and Leo try chart new relationship waters, April and Dominic spend an incredibly awkward night together covering the same event for the newspaper, and it's clear that the pain of their breakup is still very fresh. With Dominic's heart on his sleeve and not knowing where she stands with Leo, will April be more confused than ever on what to do about either guy?

Meanwhile, Natalie and George have some unexpected news for the Carvers. 


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  • Hard to Believe by The Kicks - April hangs out with Natalie, who has agreed to donate her bone marrow, at the Charles, they drink. 
  • Teeth by The Cold and Lovely - Dominic & April watch The Cold & Lovely at a benefit concert, they talk about their individual interviews until Dominic makes a snappy remark at April causing an awkwardness between them. 
  • Trace Me Back by Trent Dabbs & Amy Stroup - April introduces Dominic to Monica; Dominic asks Monica how she chooses bands which she replies that she picks bands that help people fall in love which causes awkwardness between Dominic & April. 
  • LA by Cat The Himalaya - April comes into The Charles to pickup food when Natalie appears and tells her she work there then April asks Natalie if she wants to ask her mom if Natalie can stay with them, but Natalie declines. 
  • The Way That I'm Feeling by Olivia Broadfield - In the pool, April tells Leo that her recent assignment was with Dominic then he tells her their relationship will never be normal and she agrees then they kiss. 
  • Dark Runs Out by Amy Stroup - Dominic sends April their article; Emma comforts Sara; April reads the article; Dominic meets Natalie and notices she looks familiar; Natalie asks Dominic to pretend to be her boyfriend, they kiss. 
  • 21 Flights by Heavy English - Leo unpacks when April arrives to his new apartment; Leo & April joke about how much nicer it is then the hospital and their past encounter then make a date for the next evening. 

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