Episode 4
General Information
Pairing: Dominic Russo and April Carver
Kind of Pairing: Romantic/Friendship
Status: Broken-Up
Other Names: N/A

Dapril (Dominic/April) is the relationship between April Carver and Dominic Russo.


April had a crush on Dominic before the series started they went on their first date in the pilot. In Blood Cancer Sex Carrots April hears Dominic is a playboy and rethinks the relationship but later she seeks him for comfort when Carrot guy dies, later leading to them sleeping together. In The Family That Lies Together Dominic tells Aprill that his mom is in jail after seeing a fortune teller together that said he had mom issues, April tells Dominic that she may have a half-sister and he helps her get information about her.  In Unplanned Parenthood April gets her first bi-line and Dominic arranges a party at the office for her. Dominic gets a job offer to go with a band to tour Europe for four months, April tells him to take it and the relationship takes a break. After being away Dominic reads about Aprils cancer in an article and rushes back to her and thinks about staying but is hurt when she went to Leo for support instead of him, feeling hurt he ends the relationship.

In the second season of Chasing Life, Dominic and April start off as friends. It is then revealed later in The Domino Effect that Dominic is still in love with April. At Leo's bachelor party, Dominic tells Leo, "I'm still in love with her and I do want her back." Leo then punches Dominic in the face. Later, not knowing about this incident April goes to visit Dominic's apartment the night before her wedding. At her wedding the next day, it appears Dominic was about to try and stop the marriage until April blacked out.