Greer Danville
General Information
Full name Greer Danville
Status Alive
Gender Female
Birthdate 1998
Age 16
Resides in Boston, MA
Occupation Student
Education Charton Academy (previous)

Unnamed School (current)

Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blonde
Family and Friends
Parents Pamela Danville (Mother)
Will Danville (Father)
Romances Brenna Carver (Ex-Girlfriend/former crush)
Friends Brenna Carver
Beth Kingston
April Carver
Sara Carver
Enemies Ford
Production Information
First Appearance I'll Sleep When I'm Dead
Last Appearance "La Dolce Vita"
Portrayed by Gracie Dzienny

Greer Danville is a preppy girl who goes to Brenna's school. She is constantly the target of jeering and ridicule from Brenna and her friend, but after Greer and Brenna are paired up for a history project, they find they have more in common. 


Greer is a popular girl at Brenna's school and is seen as preppy and competative. Before being paired together, Brenna teased Greer and shows distaste for her, but after being paired with her, she sees her in a different light. Coming from a wealthy family, Greer's parents fund multiple things for the school and are seen as using it as ways to get Greer (and Brenna) out of trouble, and to their advantage. Greer is afraid of disobeying her parents due to their status at the school and their constant reminder that they're the funding everything for her, including college. 

Greer is seen as headstrong and not afraid to stand up for herself, as long as it's not her parents. This is seen as she's stood up to Ford several times, and even attempted to befriend her. Even after their rocky past, Greer still comforts Brenna when things for too much at her house, knowing that Brenna needed someone to lean on. It is seen early on that Greer has a crush on Brenna, which does not go unnoticed by Beth and as Greer appears jealous of Kieran when he shows up at her party. This fact is confirmed when Brenna goes to ask for Greer's forgiveness in which she admits to having feelings for Brenna in which Brenna reciprocates.


In I'll Sleep When I'm Dead, Greer first makes an appearance as Brenna's history project partner. She is first seen at the coffee shop while Brenna is with Kieran, after she leaves and Kieran makes comments about Greer, Brenna notes that Greer is gay. Greer is telling Brenna info about the project while Brenna is on her phone. They then make a deal to play tennis and whoever loses has to do the other's history homework for the whole entire year. While playing tennis, Greer is suprised to find that Brenna beat her.

In The Family That Lies Together, Greer starts off in this episode by coming up Brenna and Ford and saying that when her ankle injury from last episode heals up that her and Breena should hit the court again for a rematch and Brenna kind of tries to not acknowledge Greer's existence and then Greer picks up on the situation finally and leaves the two.

Later when Kieran spots Greer at the Pretty in Pink matinee they are at in the park he make some comment about her which reduces her to her sexuality which makes Brenna call him out on it and tells him to stop with the prejudiced comments.

In the end, after Greer sits with them for the movie. Afterwards, Beth picks on their interactions and hints to Brenna that Greer might like her. At the end of the episode, Greer is the one to comfort Brenna when she leaves the house, due to the problems with April.

In Clear Minds, Full Lives, Can't Eat Greer goes up to Brenna and asks her how April is doing. She then invites her and Ford to the party she's hosting later. At the party, Greer talks to Brenna about how no mater what happens she believes that April will be fine. When Kieran turns up Greer appears jealous and when she catches them making out in her room she promptly kicks them both out of the party.

In Unplanned Parenthood Brenna goes to apologize to Greer which Greer accepts. When Greer asks if that was everything, Brenna says yes. Later that evening Brenna turns up at Greer`s house saying that she never said everything she wanted to say and Greer says she felt like they had a thing. Brenna said she thought they did to but Greer says, "Did. Past tense" but Brenna tells her she meant present tense and kisses her.

In Death Becomes Her Greer is first seen in Brenna's room as she is "packing". She says that she won't "put out til [Brenna's] bag is packed". Greer asks where Natalie lives in Florida and offers to go with Brenna. Brenna and Greer then end up making out. Greer is next seen in the lobby of the hotel. She tells their teacher to practice in front of a mirror before telling Brenna Annie is going to cover for them. At Natalie's house Greer takes Brenna's hand and knocks on Natalie's door.

After Natalie denies speaking with them she speaks up as Natalie walks out of the house and she agrees to talk. When Natalie asks if Brenna and Greer are lesbians, Greer says she is and just looks at Brenna as she doesn't answer before dancing.

Greer is later seen sick after having her drink and Brenna takes her back to the hotel. The next day, Brenna is saying she feels bad that Greer got sick and thanks Brenna for taking care of her. When their teacher comes up, she comments on how part of his speech was a good noting to Brenna and she asked her to record it for her.  

In What To Do When You're Expecting Chemo, Greer is seen at Brenna's house where it is revealed she's staying for a couple days since her parents are out of town.

Sara is talking to Brenna and Greer and Greer offers to pay for the pizza but Sara refuses. Greer is next seen at the dinner in which she comments about the places she's been with George with tension between her and Ford.

Later, her and Brenna are making out on Brenna's bed when Sara walks in on them, Sara asks Greer to sleep on the couch and Greer rushes out quickly.

The next day, Greer is approached by Ford who notes that she hopes now her and Brenna are dating that her and Ford can be friends, even if it kills them and Ford notes it might and walks away.

At the party, Greer grabs the watergun out of Brenna's hand and sprays her with it. Later on, Greer walks in on Brenna, Ford and Kieran having an argument. Brenna notes that Greer never made her choose, but Greer admits that she really likes her, but she can't keep doing this if it's not for real. Brenna chooses Greer and after Kieran leaves, she grabs Brenna's hand, comforting her. 

In Finding Chemo, Greer appears first when Brenna and her are called to the principal's office. Both her and Brenna tell their stories and when they don't line up, the principal says she is going to call their parents. Greer backs Brenna up when she says that a lot is going on at her house which is why she didn't want the principal to call there.

Greer is last seen with her parents when they say that her and Brenna are not allowed to see each other anymore. She mouths, "Sorry" to Brenna before walking away with her parents. 

In Locks of Love, Greer does not appear but is more mentioned by Brenna as having been sent away by her parents to Oxford for the summer.

New April starts 4 months later at the start of junior year. Brenna and Greer meet up at the coffee shop with Brenna excited to see Greer, jokingly asking if Greer had kissed any British girls, in which Greer says no. Greer does not seem to mimic this excitement because she knows that her parents still don't approve of Brenna, and it's worse than before. She says that, unlike Brenna, she is not strongwilled or willing to go against her parents because her parents fund everything - inclduing her college fund and Greer is not willing to risk that. Greer then leaves, looking behind her as she goes. Greer is last scene at her house after Brenna is caught trying to "break in" to presummably see her. Greer and Brenna are sitting on the couch while Brenna's mom tries to convince her parents not to press charges, to which they don't. Both parents note that they don't want the girls associating with the other or their family. Brenna then leaves and looks back at a tearful Greer.

In Guess Who's Coming to Donate, Greer is not seen, but is mentioned by Natalie as Brenna's "Lesbian Lover". She is mentioned by Brenna several time's and she expresses how she misses what they had and Natalie tells her to move on.

Greer is not seen in Cancer Friends With Benefits, but Brenna mentions how they haven't spoken since she tried to break into her house. Brenna seems saddened that Greer hasn't tried to talk with her. She says she knows it'll be awkward when they start school because she'll have to see her every day and her mother tells her that sometimes it's hard getting over exes.

In April Just Wants to Have Fun, Greer is seen in health class and seems to be friends with Shelby. She says to Brenna that she had no idea of anything going on with the meme before class starts. After class, Greer talks to Brenna, saying she had no idea about anything. Brenna, however, is mad that Greer didn't stand up for her, but says she isn't surprised when she can't stand up for herself. Greer says she has a lot going on, but Brenna tells her that Ford was right, that she was selfish and shallow, before walking off from a hurt Greer, with Ford looking on from afar. Greer is present when Shelby is humiliated in front of the class for what she did. After class, Greer tells Brenna she told Shelby to take everything down. Greer asks Brenna if she wants to go out for food in which Brenna says she can't afford to miss anymore classes. Greer and Brenna say goodbye as Greer leaves.

InThe Big Leagues, Greer is first seen when Brenna and Ford mistake her for someone new due to her dyed hair. Greer explains that her parents shouldn't have so much say in her life if they're going to go away all the time. Greer then comes in late to class, back talking the teacher and receiving detention. Greer then skips out on detention and invites Kieran, Ford and Brenna to her families house and they all agree. Greer then gets angry at Kieran for not giving her a tattoo because she is underage. She walks in on Kieran and Brenna talking and is upset that they're talking behind her back.

After Ford leaves because of her continuous distaste for Ford and Kieran gives them some privacy, Brenna and Greer are alone. Brenna apologizes for talking about her behind her back, but expresses her concern because she has not been acting herself. Greer comments on how she's finally acting like her true self. Greer then admits that she had not been fully honest in their relationship, she tells her that when she was 7, her parents put her on medications such as anti-depressants and anti-anxiety. She had always wanted to know what would happen if she were to go off of them but never had the chance while her parents were around because they always threatened big stuff, like college. When her parents went away, Greer took the opportunity and went off her meds. Brenna says that she wasn't lying, she just wasn't telling the truth. Greer then admits that she knew all along Natalie didn't drug her because she isn't supposed to drink on her meds. Kieran then interrupts them and invites them to stay the night because Greer doesn't want to be alone.

Later that night, Greer asks Brenna what her secret is. Brenna admits that she had an abortion when she was new to Charton, and this is how she became friends with Ford. Brenna admits she never told anyone else because they were still hung up about her dad. Greer and Brenna then joke around, getting Kieran to reveal his more light hearted secret.

In Model Behavior, Greer and Brenna are first seen with Greer in The Charles. Brenna comments about Greer's hair and then asks about her meds. Greer says that she's still off them, but feels better and more in control. Brenna asks if she's going to go back on them and Greer say's maybe, maybe not, noting her parents would never notice. Greer then gives Brenna purse that Brenna had her eyes on when they were in Florida. Before the fashion show, Brenna and Greer mock the clothes before meeting the person who designed them. The designer asks Greer to be the centre piece and Greer agrees. As Brenna and Greer walk away from April, Greer puts her arm around Brenna's waist, but she pulls away, leaving Greer angry and causing her to storm away. When Greer is said to be missing, Brenna finds Greer tugging at the neckline of the dress, complaining that it's too high. Brenna tries to calm Greer down, but she ends up ripping the dress.

Later, Brenna finds Greer on the stairs and says that she's worried about her. Greer says that she's confused and admits she was tired of her parents control and power over her and her life, so she stopped her medication, hoping to change that, but instead she feels out of control. Greer also admits it's hard to be around Brenna and not with her. Brenna hesitates and Greer takes that as Brenna not wanting to get back together. Brenna reassures her however that that is not the reason for her not wanting to get back together right now and she thinks she should be there for her as just a friend, not a girlfriend.

Greer is not in Rest in Peace, but is mentioned by Natalie and Brenna. Natalie asks if Greer is her girlfriend and Brenna says that they're just friends.

In Life, Actually, Greer is first seen with Kieran and Brenna listening to Brenna vent her frustration of her mother's disapproval of her taking a gap year and this proceeds into a conversation about their parents. Kieran notes that his parents were fine with him taking a gap year and both Brenna and Greer say how lucky he is. Kieran says that Greer looks good, laughing about the whole situation at the tattoo parlour now, and Greer says that she's back on her medication and that she only went off of them to spite her parents, who never even noticed. Greer says that in the "sucky parent's department" she's always going to win, in which Kieran and Brenna look at her awkwardly and sadly. Next, Greer comes over to Brenna's house in the middle of the night after a fight with her parents. Greer says that she tried telling them that she didn't like how much time they were spending away and they didn't let her finish, telling her she didn't know respect. Greer asks to stay for the night and Brenna agrees.

In Brenna's room, Greer is saying how she feel's like she does everything her mom wants, yet it's still not enough. Brenna asks how can can't be enough, saying that Greer is the best daughter she could hope for, in which Greer says her mom doesn't think so. Brenna says that she's wrong and then kisses Greer, shocking her. The next day, Brenna tries to stall her mom from coming into the kitchen, wanting to explain everything before she see's Greer, but she walks past her and see's Greer in sitting at the counter. Brenna explains the situation and her mom doesn't kick her out, but insists that she call her parents since they don't know where she is.

Later, Greer goes into Brenna's room and asks if they can talk about the kiss. Brenna says that she wasn't planning it while Greer says that she wasn't expecting it, but didn't hate it either. She then asks her about what she told her and Kieran at the tattoo parlour. She asks her if that's the reason she wanted to date a girl, to find comfort in them. Brenna tells her that it's the reason she never had sex with Kieran, because every now and then, she'd think about the baby. How old they would be, if they'd be taking their first steps. However, it is not the reason she fell for Greer and that was just about her. Brenna tells her that between April and her dad, she was in a dark place, and then Greer came along and it felt as if the sun was coming out after a month of rain. Brenna then chuckles at the cheesy analogy she made. Greer says that it doesn't and kisses Brenna and they proceed to have sex.

The next day, Brenna and Greer are seen being very couple-y and are holding hands and laughing together. The doorbell rings and it's Greer's parent's, Brenna's mom called them there. Greer proceeds to tell them that this has nothing to do with Brenna. Her mom tells that it's pretty poor judgement in which Greer says that nothing she ever does impresses her and that's she's impossible to please. She tells that that it's hard growing up thinking nothing she ever does is good enough and her mother agrees. Her father tells her to get her things because she's going home with them but Greer stands her ground and says no. She tells her parents that they can't just leave town and then just show up and pretend that they know anything about her life. She then tells them that she went off her meds and neither of them noticed.

She says that they let nannies and psychiatrists raise her because they didn't know what to do, she tells them that they suck as parents. She then adds that there's no way she's going to boarding school, in which her father seems to have no clue of. She tells them that they can threaten to withhold money from her because she'll find a way. She tells them that she'll be staying with Brenna until they can learn to treat her with some respect, in which her parents do not argue. Her mother leaves right away, but her father lingers before April shows him out. Brenna then hugs her and tells her that she's her hero. At the fundraiser, they smile at each other during Leo's speech. Afterwards, they escape to the photo booth where they take funny photos and proceed to kiss.

Relationships Edit

Parents Edit

Greer's relationship with her parents is very strained. Her parents have been away most of her life and do not notice things in their daughter such as when Greer went off her meds. Greer noted that she was raised by nannies most of her life does not think it's right her parents go away and still expect so much of her and think that they know her. Greer's parent's are also very wealthy and have used it to get themselves out of situations and to threaten Greer, such as saying they're paying for everything; including college. Greer finally gets tired of it and after a fight with her parents, confronts them when they are at Brenna's house. Greer tells her that she does not approve of them controlling her and expecting so much of her when they're away for most of her life. She call's them terrible parents and tells them that she's staying with Brenna for the time being.

Brenna Carver Edit

Greer and Brenna were partners for a school project and battled out who would do the project over a game of tennis. Which Brenna won. Though before this they butted heads, it is after this they slowly become friends. When Beth, Greer, Brenna and Kieran see a movie, Beth points out afterwards to Brenna that Greer seems to be interested in her. Brenna says that she doesn't define herself with labels but does not believe that they'd work out do to them being so different. Greer comforted Brenna after April told their mother about her cancer. However, when she walks in on Brenna and Kieren making out on her bed she is visably mad at the both of them. At the end of Unplanned Parenthood Brenna goes to her house and apologizes and they end up revealing their feelings for one another and they kiss. During Death Becomes Her Brenna and Greer are seen making out on Brenna's bed and Greer goes with Brenna to meet Natalie.

In What to Expect When You're Expecting Chemo, Ford asks why Greer seems to be invited to everything in which Greer responds that they are dating now so that's how it works. They break up in Finding Chemo due to Greer's parents disapproval of her. It is obvious they still have feelings for each other, but Brenna thinks that she should just be there for Greer as a friend for now as she deals with everything with her parents. In Life, Actually, Greer and Brenna get back together after Greer comes over to Brenna's house after a fight with her parents. The night she comes over, Brenna kisses Greer and the next night she asks her about it, Brenna once again kisses Greer and the proceed to have sex. (See Grenna)

Ford Edit

Ford and Greer have a very strained relationship. Ford does not like Greer as she see's her as a threat to her and Brenna's friendship. Greer seems to sense her dislike, but is seen attempting to be friends with her at times.

Romantic Relationships Edit

Brenna: Broken Up/former crush

  • First Relationship:
    • Started: First kissed and admitted feelings in Unplanned Parenthood, officially dating in Death Becomes Her.
      • Reason: After the Kieran incident at Greer's party, Brenna goes to apologize and admits her feelings for Greer and they kiss.
    • Ended: Finding Chemo
      • Reason: Greer's parents disapproved of them dating due to Brenna's "rep".
  • Second Relationship:
    • Started: Life, Actually
      • Reason: Greer comes over after a fight with her parents, the next night, her and Greer talk, Greer asked her if her abortion is the reason she started liking girls, but Brenna said that she started liking her for her. They then kiss and proceed to have sex.
    • Ended: No News is Bad News
      • Reason: Brenna wanted Greer to be happy and told her that her mom said no to letting her stay and Greer moved.

Trivia Edit

  • Takes prescription drugs for anxiety and depression.
  • One of the few people who know about Brenna's abortion.
    • The others are: Ford, Kieran, April and Natalie.

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