ChasingLife Pomo Sean
General Information
Full name Leo Hendrie
Nickname(s) None
Status Deceased
Gender Male
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Affiliations April Carver
Family and Friends
Parents Bruce Hendrie and
Friends April Carver
Enemies Dominic
Production Information
First Appearance Pilot
Portrayed by Scott Michael Foster

Leo Hendry was the son of a famous politician, Bruce Hendry. Leo was your typical bad boy riding a motorcycle and gave the impression of a jerk. He was portrayed by Scott Michael Foster.

He shares a profound bond with April as he suffers from a tumour that is in his brain and can relate to her in matter of her lukemia.

April first met him in a parking area.

He and April fell in love and got married but sadly he passed away in his sleep after suffering from a clot in his brain.