Leo Hendrie
General Information
Full name Leo Hendrie
Status Deceased
Gender Male
Birthdate 1989
Age 25
Resides in Boston, MA (prior to death)
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Brown
Family and Friends
Parents Bruce Hendrie (father)

Mrs. Hendrie (mother)

Relatives Sara Carver (mother-in-law)
Thomas Carver † (father-in-law)
Brenna Carver (sister-in-law)
Natalie Ortiz (half sister-in-law)
Romances April Carver (wife)
Frankie (ex-girlfriend)
Friends Frankie
Enemies Dominic Russo
Production Information
First Appearance Pilot
Last Appearance The Ghost in You (imagined)
Portrayed by Scott Michael Foster

Leo Hendrie is the son of wealthy gubernatorial candidate Bruce Hendrie, Leo struggles with bitterness at living in his father’s shadow and being tethered to his family’s money. Leo meets April first when she is reporting for his dad. Then Leo finds out that April has cancer when they meet again at a Cancer Support Group. April has more in common with Leo than he might expect from their initial, rather unpleasant encounter, and as they get to know each other better, he’ll teach her a few valuable things about living. Like how you shouldn't live for the future you should live for right now.

Biography Edit

Leo is the son of politician, Bruce Hendrie and hates being in the shadow of this father and his family's money. At first, when meeting April, he saw her as nothing more than a reporter wanting a good story, however, as he got to know her more, he discovered that she was more than that. Later on, it is discovered that Leo has terminal brain cancer. Leo is in love with April Carver. Leo and April get married in the chapel at Massachusetts Medical by April's grandmother due to complications with April's leukemia.

Leo dies in 2x07. Leo passes away in his sleep next to his wife, April Carver.(This is likely because he forgot to get chemotherapy treatments for his cancer due to focusing on aprils cancer and their wedding)April soon discovers him unresponsive and calls 911 but he is DOA. As Leo's last adventure he leaves a clue for a treasure hunt for whoever finds it that leads to his so-called "Tree of Life" with a letter within.


The first time they meet is outside Leo's father Bruce Hendrie's office building when April and Raquel Avila were racing to get first to the office. Leo nearly ran over April and crashed into a car. They later met in the elevator at April's job because Leo, Bruce and Bruce's secretary were there to talk to April's boss. When April's friend, who she made a story about, died she decided to take his advice and go to a support group. There she saw Leo who took her present the wrong way and at the next meeting he told everyone she was a journalist who was covering his father's election. She told them it was true but that she had been diagnosed with leukaemia week earlier. After the meeting she got him to invited her to a party his father was having later that night. In Episode 8, Leo and April take their relationship further.

Romantic RelationshipsEdit

April CarverEdit

Leo and April were married until Leo died in his sleep, leaving April widowed.



"No, I get it. It's traumatic, but hair does grow back." -from Leo to April.


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