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Locks of Love
Season 1, Episode 11
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First Aired December 9, 2014
Viewers (millions) 1.22
Writer(s) Susanna Fogel & Joni Lefkowitz
Director Lee Rose
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"Finding Chemo"
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"Locks of Love" is the eleventh episode in Season 1 of Chasing Life. It will air on ABC Family December 9, 2014


In the episode titled “Locks of Love,” April’s grandparents (guest stars Ed Asner and Marion Ross) stir up trouble when they pay a visit, and the Carvers celebrate an early family Christmas. The full contents of Leo’s cryptic voicemail are revealed, leading April and Leo to rethink their last goodbye. In an attempt to help her friend cope with the effects of chemo, Beth helps April with a makeover, or two.


Main cast

Guest cast



  • I Won't Fight It by Andrew Belle - April told Beth Leo went through with the surgery. 
  • Silent Night by Fisher' - April was in the hospital and her mom called to wish her a Merry Christmas. April and Brenna gave out candy canes, and Leo went into surgery. It looked like he wasn’t going to make it.
  • Forget Me Not by Garrison Star & A&G - When Leo saved April's head and then shaved his own. 
  • Jingle Bells by Sugar &The Hi Lows - When Brenna and her grandmothers were looking for Christmas decorations.
  • Walking Blind by Aidan Hawken feat. Carina Round - April was talking to Leo in the hospital. They hugged and then she walked down the hallway
  • Winter Storm by Joshua James - Dominic was sitting on his couch feeling sad about his breakup with April.  He talked to his roommate about it.
  • Trampoline by Jules Larson and Trent Dabbs - Leo and April decided to act like kids to forget their stress.
  • First Noel by Sophie Jamieson - Brenna was looking at old Christmas pictures.




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