Next April
Season 1, Episode 12
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First Aired January 19, 2015
Viewers (millions) 1.02
Writer(s) Ann Cherkis
Director Janice Cooke
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"Locks of Love"
"Guess Who's Coming to Donate"

"Next April" is the twelfth episode in Season 1 of Chasing Life. It will air on ABC Family January 19, 2015. It will be the first episode to air in Chasing Life's new time slot of Monday instead of Tuesday.


After leaving Leo flat-lining at the end of the Christmas episode, April must deal with the outcome of the surgery. Facing her new reality, she must also face her first day back at work after being gone for four months. In remission and determined to move on with her life, her return reveals a new, young and ambitious boss at the paper who is ready to shake things up. But April's attempt to make a good impression may fall short when she botches her first assignment.

Meanwhile with an ideal marrow donor still to be found, Sara realizes it's time to reach out to the "other woman," Natalie's mother. Brenna eagerly anticipates Greer's return to school, but will she get the happy reunion she's been waiting for?


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  • Run Run by The Rival - April walks to work. 
  • Everything You Are Is Beautiful by Garrison Starr - At The Charles, Brenna & Keiran talk about his new girlfriend then about Greer impending return. 
  • If You Go (feat. Sara Bareilles) by Javier Dunn - Brenna meets Greer at the coffee shop and asks Greer to come to a fundraiser then Greer tells Brenna about her parents unmoved opinion on their being together. 
  • Live Forever by Drew Holcomb - Montage of the present and past as April dresses for the day, she examines herself; April's doctor tells her good new. 



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