No News Is Bad News
Season 1, Episode 20
No News
First Aired March 16, 2015
Viewers (millions) 0.69
Writer(s) Susanna Fogel & Joni Lefkowitz
Director Joe Lazarov
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"Life, Actually"
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"No News Is Bad News" is the twentieth episode in Season 1 of Chasing Life. It will air on ABC Family on March 16, 2015.


The new pick for Editor In Chief at The Post comes as a surprise to everyone, and the pressure is on for April not to let her new boss down. As the competition heats up at work, pitting April and Danny against each other for the next big scoop, April starts to wonder if she is willing to sacrifice everything for success in her career.

Meanwhile, Sara is faced with having to sort through Thomas' belongings from his house in Florida, but she uses it as an opportunity to reach out to Natalie, and to George. Natalie and Dominic feel guilty about their secretive relationship, and they resolve to come clean to April.


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  • Everything You Are Is Beautiful by Garrison Starr - Brenna arrives home to find a ping-pong table in the backyard, which Greer tells her it's a 'thank you' to her family and hommage the first time they meet, they hug then begin a game. 
  • Cam Girl by Jeremy and the Harlequins - Danny tries to take a peek at April computer but finds it password protected; After sex, Natalie & Dominic discuss telling April about their relationship then rehearse what they'll tell her. 
  • Alright by The TVC - April & Danny have drink and discuss their fails and wins at work before Danny heads back to the office; Dr. Hamburg talks to her husband and tells him she's coming home early. 
  • Slipping Away by Barcelona - At the Charles, Beth talks to April & Leo about her breakup with Graham as she gets drunk; Beth apologizes to Natalie for forgetting her keys; April surprises Beth with a trip to Bermuda. 
  • I Hurt Too by Katie Herzig - Dr. Hamburg gathers her strength then calls April and leaves her a message telling her to come see her in the morning for a check-up. 
  • Cards With The Devil by Von Bonneville - As they head to Joni's Hideaway, Natalie tells April she and Dominic are seeing each other which turns into a argument and Natalie stormed off. 
  • Bring It Back by Babe Youth - Brenna & Greer shop online when Greer brings up this being their last year in their house and with their parents then Brenna tells (lies to) her mom won’t let her move in with them. 

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