Sara Carver
General Information
Full name Sara Carver
Status Alive
Gender Female
Resides in Boston, MA
Occupation Therapist
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Family and Friends
Parents Emma (mother)
Children April Carver (older daughter)
Brenna Carver (younger daughter)
Natalie Ortiz (step daughter, via Thomas)
Relatives George Carver (brother-in-law)
Leo Hendrie † (son-in-law)
Romances William 'Billy' Conti (teen romance, beard)
Thomas Carver † (husband, widowed)
Ben (ex-boyfriend)
George Carver (kissed)
Friends Greer Danville
Beth Kingston
Production Information
First Appearance Pilot
Last Appearance La Dolce Vita
Portrayed by Mary Page Keller

Sara Carver is one of the main characters in Chasing Life. She is the mother to April and Brenna. She did not know that April has leukemia until the truth came out in The Family That Lies Together.


Sara is a caring mother to her daughters, April and Brenna. She can be over protective to her daughters. She is also a therpist whose training has not helped her better to help outside the office.


April CarverEdit

April is Sara's daughter. Sara has a close relationship with her daughter. She is one of the last people to find out about her daughter having cancer. After Sara finds out about her daughter having cancer she becomes over protective of April. This also makes their mother-daughter relationship worse. Eventually Sara accepts that it is April who needs to make the decisions, they then become close again.

Brenna CarverEdit

Brenna is Sara's daughter. Sara and Brenna have a relationship were the advice each other.


Sara is the daughter of Emma. Sara's mom Emma lives with her and her granddaughters.

Romantic RelationshipsEdit

George CarverEdit

George is Sara's brother-in-law. Sara and George also had a romantic relationship with each other.

Thomas CarverEdit

Thomas was Sara's husband. He is died in a car accident prior to the show.



"Okay, admit it. Falling in love has made you a nicer person." -from Sara to Emma


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