Season 1
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Premiere Airdate June 10, 2014[1]
Finale Airdate March 23, 2015
No. of Episodes 21
Slogan Cancer sucks.
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Season 1 of Chasing Life premiered on June 10, 2014 on ABC Family.


After 24-year old April Carver receives news from her estranged uncle that she has cancer, her life is turned upside down. April, a reporter for a Boston newspaper, is trying to move up at her workplace, and trying to balance her career with her family and a romantic relationship with a guy at work and an infatuation with a guy from her support group. Her mother is trying to deal with her daughters revelation while a relationship of hers starts to rekindle. Meanwhile, her younger sister Brenna tries to deal with having an infatuation with two people, classmate Greer and Kieran, a guy she met at a tattoo parlour and tries to decide what to do with her relationship with both of them. April tries hard to support her family and her best friend Beth all while trying to deal with herself.

Later on, April is trying to deal with the aftermath of her cancer and the possibility of it returning. April also deals with her her relationships with Leo and Dominic and her returning to work.Sara deals with her relationship with George and his departure to San Francisco along with a new found fling. Brenna is attempting to deal with the fact Greer's parents don't approve of them together while trying to figure out what's wrong with her after a dramatic behaviour change. Beth deals with finally finding a job along with her relationship with Graham and her new roommate Natalie, who is a half-match for April.


Note: The character has to at least be in 2 episode and/or be confirmed to be coming back. 

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# Image Title First aired
1 April and Dominic kissing Pilot June 10, 2014
April is a journalist working for a Boston Newspaper receives life-changing news after attempting to get a story from a baseball player at a blood drive.
2 HelpWanted Help Wanted June 17, 2014
April hides the news of her cancer from her family as she works on a piece about a running candidate. Sara learns about Brenna's "activities" after she leaves her phone at a party. Brenna meets a boy while picking up her phone who intrigues her.
3 BloodCancerSexCarrots Blood Cancer Sex Carrots June 24, 2014
After learning of Dominic's "reputation", April has second thoughts about her relationship with him. April confides in someone during an assignment who leads her to go to a cancer support group where she meets a familiar face. Sara introduces her new boyfriend over supper while Brenna brings Kieran home.
4 Chasing Life - Episode 1.04 - I'll Sleep When I'm Dead - Promotional Photos (14) 595 slogo I'll Sleep When I'm Dead July 1, 2014
April finds it harder to juggle the increasing severity of her symptoms with her obligations at work and her attempts to be a supportive daughter and sister. After missing an important appointment, George urges April to get her priorities straight. April also learns more about Leo Hendrie, but Leo jumps to conclusions about April's motives. Meanwhile, much to her own surprise, Brenna bonds with Greer, a popular girl at school.
5 Chasing Life - Episode 1.05 - Promotional Photos (11) 595 slogo The Family That Lies Together July 8, 2014

April goes to a Pyshic with Dominic and soon after starts investigating her father's past. Sara starts to become suspicious of April's behavior and confronts her and George about it and the truth comes out. Beth takes Brenna out to take her mind off of April now that she knows and gives her advice about Kieran and Greer.

6 B95b73be16437809f82cc826341d 595 slogo Clear Minds, Full Lives, Can't Eat July 15, 2014

Leo encourages April to live more carefree while Sara is more overprotective of her. Something happens to Leo and something is revealed that shocks April. Brenna starts to become confused over her relationship with Greer as they become closer, meanwhile Greer invites her to a party.

7 Ep107 Unplanned Parenthood July 22, 2014

April, against her mother's wishes, goes to see a fertility doctor. Dominic is offered a job that will cause him to be away from April for four months. Brenna does something about her feelings for Greer and Sara is feeling alone when April becomes sick of her mother's over protectiveness.

8 10557597 716676311722062 833595735809415414 o Death Becomes Her July 29, 2014

April and Leo help Jackson as he lives what could be his last days. During a field trip to Miami, Brenna and Greer go to find Natalie. Sara gets to know George when she spend the day with the parents of other cancer patients.

9 Chasing Life - Episode 1.09 - What to Expect When You're Expecting Chemo - Promotional Photos (8) 595 slogo What to Expect When You're Expecting Chemo August 5, 2014

As April starts getting ready to begin chemo, Leo is admitted into the hospital after an incident on live TV. Meanwhile, everyone at April's work finds out about April's cancer and Kieran finds out about Brenna and Greer's relationship giving her an ultimatum. 

10 Ep110 Finding Chemo August 12, 2014

April, now in chemo, starts to struggle with her situation. Dominic is back in April's life after finding out about April's cancer but finds out about her relationship with Leo. After Brenna and Greer get in trouble at school, Greer's parents forbid them from being together and George confesses his feelings to Sara while April is left wondering what happens to Leo after getting a voicemail from him and seeing his parents at the hospital.

11 Chasing Life - Episode 1.11 - Locks of Love - Promotional Photos (18) 595 slogo Locks of Love December 9, 2014
April finds out that Leo has gone through with the surgery. Meanwhile, her paternal grandparents are in town causing tension throughout the household as Brenna struggles to them about her sexuality and Sara and George are confused about their relationship after the kiss. April starts loosing her hair and finds comfort in Leo who has complications during his surgery.

1B Edit

# Image Title First aired
12 134214 0026 pre 595 STV Main White TV New April January 19, 2015
It has been 4 months and April is determined to move on with her life. A new boss at April's work doesn't make anything as easy she though it would be, especially now that she has to see Dominic. April is dealing with the aftermath of Leo's surgery, he survived but now lies in a coma. April and her mom realize that it's time to reach out to Natalie for help when no one comes up as a complete match for April. Brenna and Greer's relationship is on hold when Greer returns but her parents are still as strict as ever.
13 134343 0271 pre 595 STV Main White TV Guess Who's Coming to Donate January 26, 2015
The Carvers find out that Natalie is a match for April but she starts having second thoughts about the surgery. Emma finds out Sara and Georges secret while Leo is reluctant to befriend April again. April's boss gives her another assignment in order to earn her trust back. Brenna hangs out with Natalie, hoping to change her mind about donating, but discovers Natalie isn't that bad while Beth avoids Graham's place due to awkwardness with Dominic.
14 10933908 817996181590074 4596176977199926579 n Cancer Friends With Benefits February 2, 2015
Leo finally asks April out on a date while April and Dominic spend an awkward night covering an event together for the newspaper. George announces he's going to San Francisco because of a job opportunity and the family host a dinner for him before he leaves. Meanwhile, Natalie stays in Boston and becomes Beth's new roommate.
15 1926684 820094138046945 6713308024040187131 n April Just Wants to Have Fun February 9, 2015
April becomes jealous of all the time that Beth is spending with Natalie and let's loose at a party that Beth hosts, causing a fight between the two. Meanwhile, Brenna dreads school after a meme about her is spread around the internet, causing her to be bullied and teased. Brenna then teams up with an unlikely person to take them a common enemy.
16 10320416 822783184444707 7818002327771285453 n The Big Leagues February 16, 2015
April finds out that's she's still cancer free and asks her doctor about taking the next step in her and Leo's relationship. April is faced with a tough moral choice after getting a possible story at work. Leo is frustrated at living in his family's shadow and turns to Sara for help, who feels she needs to make more of a difference after a mix-up of clients. Meanwhile, Greer's behavior changes at school, causing Brenna to become worried. After work, Brenna and Greer both reveal shocking secrets to each other.
17 135243 0422 pre 595 STV Main White TV Model Behavior February 23, 2015
After the backlash of her latest article, April seeks help in Raquel when her job is on the line. Beth seeks help from Brenna and Greer for a fashion show and uses this as a chance to impress her boss. At the show, Greer's behavior continues to concern Brenna causing her and Greer to have a discussion. Emma is avoiding questions of her high school reunion and is hiding something from her daughter.
18 135347 0318 pre 595 STV Main White TV Rest in Peace March 2, 2015
After symptoms of cancer appear to be coming back, April starts to worry and after attending a bar mitzvah for someone in her support group, April decides what she wants to do. Tension between April and Leo still lingers but an event causes them to rethink things. Sara continues to put pressure on Brenna, which causes her to become annoyed by her mother's pressure. Natalie gives Sara some advice about their relationship and as well as with her situation with Brenna. Beth's job starts impacting her personal life.
Life actually
Life, Actually March 9, 2015
April and Beth go on a double date with their boyfriends in a hope of getting to know them better. April is disappointed in Leo pulling away from the support group while Beth and Graham decide to move in together, with some consequences. Dominic gets closer to Natalie while Natalie is worried about April's reaction while Sara discovers something about her fling that complicates things. After a fight with her parent's, Greer turns to Brenna for support, causing them to get closer.
No News
No News Is Bad News March 16, 2015
The new Editor in Chief at the post comes out to be a surprise to April and pressure on her not to let her down. Competition causes Danny and April to be pitted against each other and it makes April wonder if she's willing to sacrifice everything. Sara has to go through Thomas' things in Florida, causing her to grow closer to Natalie while she and Dominic want to come clean to April. Meanwhile, Greer is living with Brenna when her father offers to allow her to move in with him in Nantucket, pulling Greer from school and Brenna tries to decide whether she's willing to sacrifice her happiness for Greer's.
One Day 1
One Day March 23, 2015
April is blindsided by bad news but fights to maintain control over her destiny and to stay strong for her family. She also learns that The Post is cleaning house, but despite her determination to keep her job, extenuating circumstances keep her head on the chopping block. Meanwhile, Brenna learns she is a bone marrow match for an anonymous patient.


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