Season 2
Season 2
Premiere Airdate July 6, 2015
Finale Airdate September 28, 2015
No. of Episodes 13
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Season 2 of Chasing Life was originally set to premiere Monday, August 17, 2015 but was moved up to July 6, 2015, on ABC Family. This is the final season.


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# Image Title First aired
A View from the Ledge July 6, 2015
April and Leo leave the hospital one month after their proposal, and they begin plans on an engagement party. After quitting The Boston Post, April tries to get another journalism job. Natalie continues to question whether Dominic still has feelings for April.
Age of Consent
The Age of Consent July 13, 2015
April and Beth take an impromptu vacation to Bermuda as April mulls over which clinical trial she needs to take. Financial issues forces Sara to decide whether to continue paying for April's treatment or Brenna's private school, just as Brenna is starting to fit in.
Life of Brenna
Life of Brenna July 20, 2015
Brenna continually feels neglected by her family, with her needs coming second to April's. Brenna's bonding with Natalie makes April feel left out. Dominic and his mom bond, with her getting a new job as a real estate agent.
Truly, Madly, Deeply
Truly, Madly, Deeply July 27, 2015
April meets with an old friend (John Billingsley) of her father's to find out more information on her father's unpublished novel. Brenna and Margo's relationship is intruded upon by Margo's over jealous ex (Leisha Hailey). Sara reunites with her old high school boyfriend (Greg Germann), who is now gay.
The Domino Effect
The Domino Effect August 3, 2015
April has her bachelorette party and soon decides to act wild knowing that she will be spending the rest of her life with Leo. April also decides she wants to write a novel, with the possibility of it being published in two years, which she may not be alive to see. Leo's ex-girlfriend and "best man" Frankie (Amber West) helps Leo prepare for the wedding. Brenna and Ford invite Finn to Brenna's house to hang out.
Last w
The Last W August 10, 2015
April and Leo's wedding day finally arrives and April begins to suspect that Leo is only marrying her out of pity. Dominic is hesitant to go the wedding, due to him still having feelings for April.
As Long As We Both Shall Live-0
As Long as We Both Shall Live August 17, 2015
April and Leo get accustomed to their new married life and soon decide to get a new place so April can fully focus on writing her novel. They also disagree about wanting to have children, with Leo wanting to have kids, and April not seeing that happen in her future. As a bisexual, Brenna feels ostracized at the LGBT support group in her school and offends Finn be saying that she is not interested in dating him. Sara pretends that she and William are dating to show George that she is not lonely. Beth agrees to date a pharmaceutical representative so April can get easier access to a cancer drug. April and Leo have an Italian-themed date to make up for missing their honeymoon. The next morning, Leo dies in his sleep.
The Ghost in You
The Ghost in You August 24, 2015
After having Leo's funeral, April and Beth find a letter that Leo wanted opened after he died, with the letter leading to a scavenger hunt. Finn trains for a track and field race with Brenna's help.
Wild 1
Wild Thing August 31, 2015
April receives her inheritance from Leo's death and looks to spend her way out of her grief, to the worries of her family and friends. She also starts on the new clinical trial. Meanwhile, Brenna premieres her short film with George show his support.
Bottle of Secrets
A Bottle of Secrets September 7, 2015
During a snowstorm George reveals a dark secret about the girls father.
First Person September 14, 2015
April meets with a literary agent and prepares her opening remarks for a ribbon-cutting ceremony at a summer camp dedicated to Leo.
Ready or Not September 21, 2015
April uses her connections at the post schmooze with a book publisher at an exclusive event, but is out-scooped by a former college friend.
La Dolce Vita September 28, 2015
April and Beth prepare for their trip to Rome. Greer announces that she's returning to Boston, making Brenna both excited and conflicted about Finn.

Production and development Edit

Chasing Life was renewed for a second season on November 6, 2014, by ABC Family.

Spoilers Edit

  • April and Leo will have their wedding, but April passes out walking down the aisle.
  • Brenna and Ford share a kiss.
  • Dominic reveals that he still loves April, prompting Leo to punch him.
  • Leo dies after his and April's wedding.


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