The Age of Consent
Season 2, Episode 2
Age of Consent
First Aired July 13, 2015
Viewers (millions) 0.79
Writer(s) Susanna Fogel
Director Charlie Stratton
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"A View from the Ledge"
"Life of Brenna"
"One Day" is the second episode in Season 2 of Chasing Life. It aired on ABC Family on July 13, 2015.

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April and Beth take an impromptu vacation to Bermuda as April mulls over which clinical trial she needs to take. Financial issues forces Sara to decide whether to continue paying for April's treatment or Brenna's private school, just as Brenna is starting to fit in.

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  • Can't Stop Won't Stop by Harper Blynn - Sara works on her computer when Emma comes home from her date, they greet each other and Emma notices the worry in Sara's voice and asks her about what's wrong. 
  • Escape to the Islands by Hula Skirt - April & Beth arrive at the beach house, April straight to preparing them drinks as Beth begins to prepare for her meeting, April then convinces her to go out with her; April gets a drink at the bar. 
  • Bend Ya Back (feat. Skinny Fabulous) by Philip 7 - At the club, Beth dances with a guy when April joins her with guy, they all dance together. 
  • Mine by Fay Wolf - Brenna & Ford watch as Fay Wolf performs, Brenna makes googly eyes at Fay which Ford comments on as she complains about the music then they run into their Margo and her friend, Jesse, at the bar.     
  • Ryan Tennison- Nights by Ryan Tennison - April removes her engagement ring after being called out by another then she finds Beth, she thanks coming with her then they do shots; Beth goes over to talk to Mr. Tennessee State, they do shots. 
  • Looking My Way by Brain Tan - Danny comments to Julia about the music Dominic & Layla are playing, she then kisses him to shut him up.     
  • The Space You Haunt by The Holy Coast - Brenna, Margo, Ford & Jesse play pool as they discuss the music then Ford asks Margo & Jesse about their relationship and they tell her that your just GBF's then she mentions Brenna's sexuality. 
  • You Are the One by Red Star Lion - Dressed as Lauren, April is invited to a bachelor party by a guy, they do shots and flirt when he realises that she's engage which causes his friend (the groom) to panic about his own bride-to-be. 

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