The Big Leagues
Season 1, Episode 16
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First Aired February 16, 2015
Viewers (millions) 0.81
Writer(s) Susanna Fogel & Joni Lefkowitz
Director Patrick Norris
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"April Just Wants to Have Fun"
"Model Behavior"

"The Big Leagues" is the sixteenth episode in Season 1 of Chasing Life. It aired on ABC Family February 16, 2015.


April gets some welcome news from Dr. Hamburg that bodes well for both her and Leo. At work, she gets wind of a possible story opportunity with baseball player Richie Miranda, but when she gets a bigger scoop than she bargained for, she is faced with a tough moral choice.

Meanwhile, Leo grows increasingly uncomfortable living in the shadow of his family and their wealth and looks to Sara for guidance. Sara feels a need to make more of a positive impact with her therapy work after a clash with her office neighbor, an immigration lawyer. And Greer makes a bold change in her behavior at school that intrigues Brenna.


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  • Body Language (feat. Mr. Robotic) by Melody Cross - April & Leo arrive at the Newbury House; Leo encounters someone at the bar; April makes up a story to get Richie Miranda to come out of the VIP room.
  • Never Settle by The TVC - Greer walks into Alchemy and suggest that Brenna, Ford & Kieran all go to Nantucket for the weekend with her, in spite of the fact that she and Brenna are not supposed to see each other. 
  • Where There’s Smoke by Garrison Starr & AG - Brenna, Kieran & Greer awaken after the sleepover at Alchemy; April lays awake, sad after her fight with Leo the night before, she texts Julian an apology; April gets coffee when she spots Dominic. 
  • Terrible Thing by AG - At Alchemy, Greer begins to act out after asking Keiran to give her a tattoo; Kieran & Brenna discuss feeling discourage from wanting to go to Nantucket, who hears them and runs into the bathroom. 



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