The Last W
Season 2, Episode 6
Last w
First Aired August 10, 2015
Viewers (millions) 0.75
Writer(s) Aaron Fullerton
Director Janice Cooke
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"The Domino Effect"
"As Long as We Both Shall Live"
"The Last W" is the sixth episode in Season 2 of Chasing Life. It will air on ABC Family on August 10, 2015.

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April and Leo's wedding day finally arrives and April begins to suspect that Leo is only marrying her out of pity. Dominic is hesitant to go the wedding, due to him still having feelings for April.

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  • Pick You Up by Sugar & The Hi Lows - April tells Beth that the rehearsal party needs an after party which Beth agrees to throw; Leo's parents asks him to run a new division of the family company; Leo, April & Frankie discuss the offer. 
  • Beautiful Decay by AIMES - At the after-rehearsal party, April & Leo prepare to part until the wedding with a kiss; Beth notices Aprils rash; Graham arrives, Beth begin to make out with Gabe; April asks Graham about Dominic. 
  • Yeah Yeah Yeah by Farmdale - Dominic listens to music when April knocks at his door.  
  • Fighting by The Holy Coast - Montage as Sara helps April dress in her wedding dresses for her second wedding of the day; April & Leo stand in front of Emma with their family and friends in the chapel of the hospital.  
  • Lost and Found by Us and Our Daughters - In the chapel of the hospital, April & Leo dance together and as they dance April thanks for making their wish come true then the discuss Leo's job offer and April improvised wedding vows and kiss. 

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