aka Jas, Jasine

  • I live in Canada
  • I was born on December 28
  • My occupation is A Student
  • I am Female

Hey! I'm Jas and I'm 18 years old and about to be a first year university student majoring in Film Studies. I'm an admin for this wiki and starting watching Chasing Life after seeing it on tumblr.  

My OTP for the show is Greer and Brenna and Brenna is my favorite character followed by Greer, Beth and Ford. I don't know if I ship Leo and April, I'm just mutual with them.  

I've done a lot of editing on the wiki (Ford and Kieran's page is all my work and all of the episode summaries on Brenna's page as well as the songs that I got too lazy to update). I follow the show but don't really watch it, though I keep myself up to date with it.  

Message me if you have any questions or anything! 

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